Why to choose Decora Cement for your flooring

Why to choose Decora Cement for your flooring

It is a challenge for the home owners to select the best type of flooring for their homes. Maintained and nice flooring is a great added value to a home.

When it comes to luxurious cement flooring finish there is no better option than DECORA CEMENT.

We developed and manufactured a new and exclusive formula that stands out from mere Microcement.

The Microcements available today in the UK market are often mixed with plaster in order to increase the product performance and reduce the price.

However, this decreases significantly the quality of the product turning your home dream into a nightmare.

With years of research and experience in the cement market, DECORA CEMENT has developed a much stronger formula, adding porcelain and metallic particles to the micro cement. This new formula aggregates high resistance and durability to your floor allowing you to have your dream fulfilled with no future headaches.

To ensure you will reach your expectations DECORA CEMENT has their own trained personnel that will take care of your project from the beginning until you reach the result desired.

We also offer you 10 years of product warranty. Meaningless to say you will not need it because Eco Porcelanic Microcement will last a lifetime.

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