Training Courses

Training Courses

Mr Quay, owner of a Thai restaurant located in Greenwich, an extremely busy area visited by many british and turists visited Decora Cement asking for some information about our Porcelanic Microcement. Mr Lee wanted to apply the Eco Porcelanic Microcement himself, therefore he went to the installations of Decora Cement of this special product in which is produced in Valencia, Spain. This is where Decora Cement’s factory is placed and where all these exclusive Mircocements are created.

The Decora Cement applicator team are in charge of leading the training courses, as well as taking responsibility of each beginner, the team make sure they can learn how to fully apply the Eco Porcelanic Mircrocement. Not only do the team make sure the learners know how to apply, but how to mix the elements correctly as this is guaranteed to make sure there is absolutely no disturbance.

Our training team insured themselves to correctly teach Mr Quay so that he could apply our product on his establishment without any setbacks.

Firstly, the whole theory was explained and then the Eco Porcelanic Micromenent was enfizised in why it is necessary. The owner didn’t only want a high resistant product, but also wanted to make sure the colours made the place reveal it’s atmosphere and be presented as a pleasent and classic. Therefore, the colours were specially selected to make sure it matched with the restaurant. There are some pictures and a video of the training aplication day.

That same day, Decora Cement also decided to intensify the course that was given to Mr Quay by presenting a new product,FAÇADE; which is 100% waterproof, ready to apply on exteriors and interiors.

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    Training Courses


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