We have our own laboratory and manufacturing systems which control all of the development of our products, which in turn enables us to provide you with top quality products. We offer full service installation with a personal touch and ensure that you are satisfied with the look of your new floor, wall or furniture.

We also supply our products to all of the UK, and even offer a complementary training course on the Eco Porcelanic Microcement installation process so that you can better understand the process for getting a floor or surface that’s in line with your interior design goals.

Fitting mechanism and techniques

Before we get to the installation phase, we conduct a full inspection of the substrate in order to ensure that it is stable and in good enough condition; in order for the installation to be completed successfully, a solid surface must be free from moisture and without any fissures or cracks. Any defects will need to be fixed prior to installation, and once everything has been restored to a stable condition, any traces of dust or grease are removed to avoid any potential setbacks during the process.

The installation process consists of 6 steps:

  1. Sealer
  2. Elastic + Mesh + Elastic
  3. Special Fix
  4. Base
  5. Porcelanic Microcement: Classic, Concrete, Transit, Urban or any other
  6. Protection: Primer + Lacquer

Sealer C (concentrate primer): Hardener and ready to use sealing surface.

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Sealer P
Sealer P (ready to use sticky primer): It is a sealer to promote the workability. It can also be used on slippery substrates such as tiles, glass, aluminium, wood and steel.

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Cement mortar bi-component, very flexible and waterproof.

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Special fix
Special fix is suitable to repair irregular substrate such as filling cracks, holes and joints. It can also be used for tiling large pieces placed indoors or outdoors which makes it very flexible and excellent bounding with no cracks.

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Base is mainly used on floors. It is suitable for surfaces such as concrete, cement, granite, tiles, natural stones and wood.

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Classic is an extremely thin coat which is Eco Porcelanic Micro cement with high adhesion, very resistant, flexible, high resistance to abrasion and does not contain any toxic components. It is suitable for residential.

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