What is Eco Porcelanic Microcement?

What is Eco Porcelanic Microcement?

Microcement is a variety of cements that when modified with high strength and durability polymers it becomes a smooth cement, fine and very tough. The biggest difference between Micro cement and Eco Porcelanic Micro Cement is based on the special ingredients added: special minerals and porcelain particles providing porcelain quality, extreme hardness and excellent workability for mixing with onlytapwater.

It is the one and only product in the market with extreme hardness and it is Eco friendly as no chemicals are added in our formula.

Once it’s blended and kneading, it’s applied with a trowel over the surface. The total thickness is around 3 mm of an exclusive custom coating.

It is a complete system with high quality products (high resistance to abrasion) totally waterproof and flexible, so it can be installed on any surfaces (tiles, mirrors, glass, wood, aluminium, natural stones, clay, plasterboard, plasters cement and concrete surface) suitable for floors, hitting floors, walls, kitchens, countertop, baths, stairs, garages, swimming pools and terraces.

Eco Porcelanic Micro Cement coatings are ideal for new constructions and renovation of living or working areas. It does not generate bubble or noise, it’s very efficient, resistant and fashionable, and so this product stands out and will consolidate for new decoration era.

Eco Porcelanic Micro Cement is a very well-known product and selected by architects, decorators, contractors, building and constructions agents due to its high possibility coatings and custom finishes.


it’s installed very easily, contains excellent workability on any surfaces and also becomes pore less. It can be used in the summer or winter, indoors or outdoors.

>> 100% waterproof, fat and grease
>> Resistant to hydrochloric acid and any cleaning product
>> Flexible
>> High resistance to rubbing and wear
>> Stable against ultraviolet rays.
>> High mechanical resistance.
>> Non slip
>> Does not generate bubbles
>> Protected to prevent efflorescence of lime.
>> Wide range of colours, easy to customize
>> No need to remove existing material
>> Easy maintenance

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