Are you dreaming of an elegant contemporary minimalist look for your project?

Classic Eco Porcelanic Microcement is one of our most versatile refurbishing systems which can be used vertically and horizontally for continuity. It brings a stunning, seamless and continuous look to your surface. It’s mostly recommended for interior and residential floors. It can also be used on stairs, countertops, furniture and other surfaces too.

The Classic Eco Porcelanic Microcement application brings an extra smooth high end texture to your surface. Although its application being completely manual and bespoke, it is very easy to apply, with great workability. You can choose the finishing of your preference between Matte, Satin or Glossy. Our products are 100% waterproof and its thickness will build up from 2mm to 4mm.


Type: Monocomponent Microcement

Aspect: White Powder


As Powder: 1.300kg/m3

As Paste: 1.950kg/m3

Hardened: 1.800kg/m3

Usage Time: 15 Minutes

Max aggregate size: 0.1mm


Thickness of Application: 2mm per Layer/Coat

Reaction to Fire (EN13501-1): A1

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