Our Eco Procelanic Microcement

Our Eco Procelanic Microcement

Decora Cement, a British company located in North London with an experience of more than 30 years in manufacturing one of the best Microcements is now introducing their last version of their Mirocements. They have developed a unique formula in Microcements en which they have added different types of cements, metal particles and at the same time, they have added Porcelain. Cement, metal and porcelain all mixed in the same products makes the microcement extend it’s durability. The resistance and what is added onto it is 100 times better than a normal microcement. Decora Cement now introduces their principal microcements, by just adding water it will give it a sophisticated touch to floors, walls and furniture. In general, it can be applied in nearly every surface including wood, concrete, metals and even on glass.

Decora Cement has Eco Porcelanic Microcements in the market: Eco Porcelanic Classic, Concrete, Transit and Urban; these are all mono-components, this means that only water is added and the application is ready to be used. The different microcements that is found in the market are bicomponents, this is when resin has to be added in order to apply correctly. However, these resins do not give the microcement the necessary resistance that is required.

Eco Porcelanic Microcement, the new collection of cements in Decora Cement is under warranty of ‘Own, factory in charge of developing all types of cements and has been in the European market for 30 years.

This products have a warranty of 10 years on floors, joined with the 24 hour service for the client. It will give clients a better satisfaction and they will especially feel reassured that with only the seal of Decora Cement is fully achievable.

These Eco Porcelanic Microcements are 100% waterproof and they are so resistance that not even acids are able to penetrate it, because of it’s Porcelanic components. Here we recommend this video:

our eco microcement     our eco microcement

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