Decoracement US Leads the US Microcement Market

Our Eco Porcelanic Microcement stands out in the US
Eco Poercelanic Microcement is a modern and extremely versatile decorative finish that can be applied to almost any surface. Both waterproof and washable, Eco Porcelanic Microcement is the perfect finish for almost any area where style and hygiene are paramount. As the interest and popularity of microcement grows, it’s quickly becoming a modern […]

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Bathroom and Wet Room Innovations for 2015

Make your life easier with Eco Porcelanic Microcement
Are you tired of having a grubby moldy bathroom or wet room? Have you had enough of having to obsessively clean the grout around your tiles to get rid of the mildew? Sometimes the weather doesn’t help much when it comes to keeping the atmosphere dry and healthy. That’s why seamless surfaces are now becoming a hugely […]

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Why to choose Decora Cement for your flooring

It is a challenge for the home owners to select the best type of flooring for their homes. Maintained and nice flooring is a great added value to a home.

When it comes to luxurious cement flooring finish there is no better option than DECORA CEMENT.

We developed and manufactured a new and exclusive formula that stands out from mere Microcement.

The Microcements […]

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Our Eco Procelanic Microcement

Decora Cement, a British company located in North London with an experience of more than 30 years in manufacturing one of the best Microcements is now introducing their last version of their Mirocements. They have developed a unique formula in Microcements en which they have added different types of cements, metal particles and at the same time, they have added […]

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Training Courses

Mr Quay, owner of a Thai restaurant located in Greenwich, an extremely busy area visited by many british and turists visited Decora Cement asking for some information about our Porcelanic Microcement. Mr Lee wanted to apply the Eco Porcelanic Microcement himself, therefore he went to the installations of Decora Cement of this special product in which is produced in Valencia, […]

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Britannia House

Decoracement US began a project in one of emblematic buildings of London in Brick Lane, an exclusive place, visited by millions of people in the UK. The project consisted in rebuilding all the floors taken place, which were now completely worn out, not only because of the amount of time in use but because of the bad quality they were in. […]

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Fitting Mechanism And Techniques

Before starting installation of the product, it’s essential that we carry out an inspection of the substrate in order to check that it’s in good condition and will not cause any problems. The surface must be free from moisture and damp, without any fissures or cracks and must be firm. If defects are present then they have to be fixed […]

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Be Inspired Imagine and Create

Some people say that big ideas are born on paper. But for Decora Cement they should be written on your walls.

We offer the perfect feature to your Office, Kitchen, Kids Play Room or wherever else your imagination requires:

The MAGNETIC SLATE BOARD makes every message special because it can be personalised with the colour, pattern and texture of you preference. Decora […]

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What is Eco Porcelanic Microcement?

Microcement is a variety of cements that when modified with high strength and durability polymers it becomes a smooth cement, fine and very tough. The biggest difference between Micro cement and Eco Porcelanic Micro Cement is based on the special ingredients added: special minerals and porcelain particles providing porcelain quality, extreme hardness and excellent workability for mixing with onlytapwater.

It is […]

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